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Grading Multiple choice question, Answer sheet exams can be completed quickly and less costly with computer software and a scanner. The software I’m referring to is OMR Software, which requires only a scanner and computer to process exam papers into answer sheet data ready for analysis.

Manual data entry from student exam papers when only a standard answer is required to examine the knowledge base of students, is tedious and time consuming when it doesn’t have to be.

In a class situation, Accurate, quick and affordable access to the results of an answer sheet exam by using Answer sheet grading software is beneficial for motivating students, because they can see how well they have done while the exam is still fresh on their minds.

Regularly monitoring the progress of students is possible with multiple choice question answer sheet exams, which can be scanned and automatically marked with OMR.

Answer sheet exam papers are scanned and computer marked with OMR to get fast results from standard multiple choice questions. No need to employ marking teachers, which also eliminates human error and bias in student’s results

Paper answer sheets containing oval or circular shaped answer bubbles are distributed to the students for filling in the answer bubble for each exam question. Separate question and answer sheets enable exam data to be gathered as quickly as possible after each answer sheet exam, as fewer exam sheets need to be scanned.

[OMR Answer sheet exams **]( are automatically **scanned and processed at the rate of around 30 or more pages per minute, depending on the speed of the scanner. OMR software on any computer automates the exam grading data entry process. No need for expensive exam paper grading equipment.

OMR Answer Sheets

Printable OMR answer sheets are used for practice when familiarizing students prepping for major answer sheet exams such as the SAT. Printing Answer sheet exams on plain paper is the most inexpensive and easiest way to reproduce answer sheets for practice exams.

Plain paper practice answer sheets can be scanned with your existing image or document scanner, as they are returned by students, and automatically graded with OMR answer sheet software on your computer. No need to scan answer sheets in any particular order, as the OMR software will recognize each answer sheet page using inbuilt Form ID.

Using your regular scanner to scan printable answer sheets, eliminates the need to purchase expensive OMR answer sheet reader hardware, and eliminates the need to purchase expensive bubble answer sheets that are needed for OMR Readers. OMR Readers are dedicated machines which can only be used for one purpose where as you printer, scanner and computer are used every day for many purposes.

Printable Answer Sheet Exam Papers

Printable Answer Sheet Exam Papers

Answer sheet exam papers are printed from a bubble answer sheet template. Create your own answer sheet OMR template or click the Sample Bubble Answer Sheet Templates link to view and Download OMR Answer Sheet templates to print on plain paper for your next answer sheet exam.

On the bubble answer sheet templates page, choose from Letter size and A4 size exam paper templates to print - 40 question answer sheets; 50 question answer sheets; 100 question answer sheets.

Answer Sheet

Printable answer sheet templates - choose from 40, 50 or 100 question answer sheet templates. Click on the answer sheet image to link to the bubble answer sheet templates page and choose your paper size, A4 or letter size to view the available answer sheet exam templates.

To scan and automatically grade the Answer sheet exam papers, you will also need to download the OMR software free trial from the Download page.

When the OMR software is installed on your computer, publish the OMR sheet template so it will be recognized by the OMR software. Once the template has been published, the answer sheets can be printed.

To create your own custom answer sheet template, use the OMR software form template editor, to create your own answer sheet design for your OMR answer sheet exams.

Your custom designed template can be used for different exams, by changing the answer key before publishing each answer sheet exam. This is one of the many features that can be taken advantage of by using OMR software to capture student responses and score all your multiple choice question, answer sheet exams.

All these features are integrated in the one software package with a full online help manual or a downloadable pdf help manual.