Answer Sheet

Answer Sheet Templates

Answer Sheet Templates

An answer sheet template is used to print multiple choice response forms that are scanned to automatically collect the answers for a multiple choice question exam. If you want to use your computer to collect the filled in checkbox answers automatically, then you can use OMR software. Answer sheets which will be scanned to automatically collect the answers with OMR software, must be created in a way that they can be detected by the scanning software. An easy way to create an Answer Sheet template for OMR, is on a computer using a bubble answer sheet editor to add the oval or circular shaped checkbox bubbles to create the template. A checkbox tool for adding the answer bubbles is much easier to use than trying to draw the checkboxes using a paint program or special font. When the answer sheet template has been created, it can then be used for printing the Answer Sheet papers for tests and exams.

An OMR software free trial can be used for creating custom designed OMR Answer sheet templates to print on plain paper. The printed answer sheets are used for automatically collecting the filled in checkbox answers after answer sheets have been returned by exam students.

Free Printable Answer Sheet Templates

If you want to save some time, download a free Answer Sheet template, already designed with the bubble answer sheet editor, and print it for your next multiple choice question Practice tests, answer sheet exams, Answer Sheet tests, answer sheet assessments or answer sheet quizzes. The answer sheets are printed on plain paper, which when returned by the exam students, can be scanned, with an ordinary document image scanner to begin the process of automatically collecting the filled in answers with OMR software.

Click on the Answer Sheet image below to go to the Answer Sheet downloads page, then choose your paper size, A4 or letter size paper, to view the printable Answer Sheet templates for your paper size.

Free Answer Sheet download - 100 question - Printable Answer sheet template and other sample OMR answer sheets.

Design and Print Bubble Answer Sheet Templates

Create your own unique bubble answer sheets, to collect the specific data that you need from multiple choice question exams. The Answer Sheet template which can be printed into as many copies as needed for answer sheet tests and exams, is created using the bubble answer sheet editor, to easily add oval or circular bubbles, using the answer sheet checkbox tool.

Oval shaped checkboxes are easier to fill in by the respondents than a circular or square checkbox.

Because the template editor is integrated with OMR software, the answer sheet template will instantly be recognized by OMR Software to auto detect the pages and the filled in answer bubbles.

Download the OMR software free trial which includes the bubble answer sheet editor and use it to create and print OMR answer sheet forms. When the completed forms are scanned and uploaded back into the OMR software, they will be automatically recognized and read by the OMR software.

Use the printed Answer sheets for multiple choice question tests, exams, assessments and quizzes. The answer sheet forms are printed on plain paper, making them readily available whenever needed.

Bubble Answer Sheet Editor - User Interface

The Answer Sheet template Editor contains all the tools needed to add checkboxes, ID grids and barcodes, used by the scanning software for capturing all necessary answer sheet information. The printed answer sheets will be scannable and recognizable by the OMR software.

Using OMR software for creating, printing, scanning and automatically marking your own paper answer sheets, means no longer waiting for results or having the expense of purchasing the specially printed bubble sheets needed for OMR hardware readers - Read More »

If you already have a bubble answer sheet template that you use, it is quite easy to create a new form in the same style, to automate your process of collecting the answers and converting them into readable data using only your printer, scanner and pc or laptop computer.

Free Software Download Try OMR software free for 30 days to generate your own custom OMR sheets and automate the capture of test results for your next answer sheet test or exam, using a regular image or document scanner and a pc or laptop computer.