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Bubble Answer Sheet

Bubble Answer Sheet Exams

Save time marking multiple choice question exams and tests by using bubble answer sheets which can be scanned and automatically marked on your computer with OMR software. A Bubble Answer sheet template is created with the template editor and used to print paper OMR answer sheets from. OMR bubble answer sheets are scanned and the filled in checkbox bubbles, are automatically captured and scored with OMR software. Automatic collection of multiple choice question exam exam answers from bubble answer sheets is fast, affordable and time saving.

OMR Bubble Answer Sheet Processing

The answers to Multiple choice questions on bubble answer sheets are detected and quickly converted into computer data, using OMR software. Multiple choice questions which are used for testing the knowledge base of students have three or more answers to choose from. One or more of the answer choice bubbles for each question on the answer sheet is filled in. The bubble answer sheets are then scanned and automatically captured and read with Optical Mark Recognition. The collected answers are automatically converted into raw data which can then be used for further analysis by the exam or test giver.

Bubble Answer Sheet Templates

Bubble Answer templates are used to print bubble answer sheet papers for collecting student’s answer sheet responses to multiple choice questions.

Download Free Printable 50 question Bubble Answer Sheets for 50 questions and 100 questions exams

This bubble answer sheet was created using the bubble sheet template editor.

The bubble sheet template editor is specifically used for creating bubble sheets, making it easy to add the oval or circular shaped bubbles which are used for capturing the answers to multiple choice questions with OMR software. OMR software captures filled in bubble answers or ID numbers as in the grid at the top of the page.