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What are Optical Answer Sheets

OMR Answer Sheets

Optical Answer sheets are paper bubble sheet forms that are able to be scanned and computer read alleviating the manual task of checking answer sheets and recording the answers made in the checkboxes.

OMR Scanner Machines and Optical Mark Recognition Software, are the 2 options that can detect and capture hand made marks from scanned bubble answer sheets.

Image: An answer sheet being created using the in built OMR sheet template editor.

How to Create an OMR Answer sheet Template

Create an Answer sheet Template using an OMR sheet editor which is built into the software. The editor has all the tools needed for easily adding the necessary components to your optical answer sheet template. The Answer sheets created with the editor are instantly recognised by the OMR software. No need to train the Answer sheets to be recognised by the software. Print the answer sheets onto plain white paper and distribute them.

OMR Software Answer Sheet Design

Answer sheets that are designed for OMR answer sheet software, must be compatible to the software.

Using the OMR Software editor for creating printable Answer sheets, you can quickly design answer sheets with the number of checkbox bubbles you need for an exam or test.

The answer sheets are printed on plain paper and then scanned using a document image scanner and processed with OMR software on your pc or laptop computer. The paper OMR answer sheets are scanned using a document scanner that can produce clear quality images so the OMR software can detect which answer bubbles have been filled in. Dark, clear scans of barcodes and the answer bubbles means the OMR software can accurately recognize and detect the answer responses, then capture the checkbox values of the filled bubbles. This process is very fast and saves a lot of time with the scoring of multiple choice exam questions.A scanner that produces clear images and has an automatic paper feeder is of great significance if you will be scanning numerous OMR answer sheets to be read with OMR software. Paper handling, speed (pages per minute) and image quality are all scanner features that will reduce the time it takes to process the scanned answer sheets with OMR software.

How to Print Optical Answer Sheets

Print optical mark answer sheets, preferably with a lazer printer to avoid smudging of the form. Optical mark recognition software or Readers, need a very clear scanned image of the pages to avoid errors happening with detection of barcodes and the filled in bubbles.

Instructions for Filling in Answer Sheet Bubbles

Candidates should fill in OMR Answer sheet checkbox bubbles fully using a dark pen or pencil. Instructional Clipart Images can be added to the Answer Sheet template as a guide for the proper technique to shade in the answer bubbles.

Image: A Document Scanner with an automatic paper feeder is used for fast answer sheet scanning and produces clearly scanned answer sheet images that can be quickly and accurately processed with OMR software.

How to Scan Answer Sheets

A cost effective way to scan answer sheets is with an everyday document scanner which can take clear enough images for the answer sheets to be accurately read with Optical Mark Recognition Software.

OMR Software runs on your Mac or Windows pc or laptop computer requiring only a laser printer so your forms won’t smudge and any regular scanner that can take clear images.

This is a much more cost effective set up than a traditional OMR reader machine which only has one purpose.

Answer Sheet Optical Mark Recognition Software

OMR Software can create optical answer sheets and automatically capture the values of the filled in checkboxes. OMR reading of scanned optical answer sheets is done at a rate of around 30 pages per minute.

Optical mark recognition OMR Software automatically recognises compatible answer sheets that were printed from the OMR answer sheet template made for the software.

Once the page has been recognised, the software very quickly determines which checkboxes contain a dark mark, captures the value of each of the filled in checkboxes and stores the captured information ready for export to a spreadsheet or other data management software.

More Features for capturing all the information you need

  • Identify who the returned form is from - Add an ID grid of checkbox bubbles to your Answer sheet template, to capture filled in ID numbers.

  • Automatically Print candidates names on forms from their records in a data table - Add a text area similar to Mail Merge to print a unique form for each candidate.

Create Your Own Optical Answer Sheets

Make your own Custom Answer Sheet Templates.

Why constantly pay for specially printed Optical Answer sheets when you can Create and print your own for multiple choice tests, exams, quizzes, evaluations and assessments.

Once your customized OMR answer sheet template is created, it can be saved as a pdf file and printed whenever you need.

Image: Free Sample Optical Answer Sheet 100 Question OMR Answer Sheet printed on plain paper can be scanned with your regular scanner and processed with OMR Software on your PC or laptop computer.

Create OMR Answer Sheets and Print with a Laser Printer

The multiple choice checkbox response OMR answer sheet forms you are using now can be easily Re-created in the OMR form editor so they can be scanned to automatically capture the checkbox response data with OMR software.

The Free OMR Software trial gives you 30 days to try out the answer sheet template editor, which makes it easy to add the checkbox bubbles and barcode to create your own custom scannable OMR form template. The full version OMR Software free trial is cross platform for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Free Sample Answer sheets Download and Print a range of differently designed Answer Sheets to print on Letter size paper or A4 size Paper - 20 question answer sheets; 40 question answer sheets; 50 question answer sheets and 100 question answer sheets.