Answer Sheet

Answer Sheet

What are Optical Answer Sheets

OMR Answer Sheets

Optical Answer sheets are forms that are able to be scanned and the response marks in checkboxes are automatically processed into computer data by Optical Mark Recognition.

The Answer sheet pages are used for filling in multiple choice answers to questions or statements on standardized exams, tests, evaluations and assessments.

Image: An answer sheet printed on plain paper can be scanned with an ordinary scanner and processed with OMR Software.

Requiring only a pc, a laser printer and a decent scanner, Optical Mark Recognition Software is used to create optical answer sheets and automatically capture the values of checkboxes that have been filled in by the respondents. A much less expensive option to traditional OMR readers

Create an Answer Sheet Template

An Answer sheet Template is created and used to print the answer sheets onto plain white paper, using a lazer printer to avoid smudging of the form.

Instructions for Using Answer Sheets

Respondents fill in checkboxes on OMR Answer sheets, using a dark pen or pencil.

Scanning Optical Answer Sheets

Returned Answer sheet papers, are scanned using a standard document scanner, and the filled in bubbles are automatically captured by optical mark recognition software.

Automatic Reading of Optical Answer Sheets

OMR reading of scanned optical answer sheets is done at a rate of around 30 pages per minute.

Optical mark recognition OMR Software automatically recognises scanned answer sheets that were printed from a compatible OMR answer sheet template.

Once a page has been recognised, the software determines which checkboxes contain a dark mark, records the values of the filled in checkboxes and stores the captured information ready for export to data management software.

Image: An Answer sheet exam paper is printed from an answer sheet template, which is designed using the built in OMR software, answer sheet editor.

Free Answer sheets Download and Print a range of differently designed Answer Sheets to print on Letter size paper or A4 size Paper - 20 question answer sheets; 40 question answer sheets; 50 question answer sheets and 100 question answer sheets.

Create Your Own Optical Answer Sheets

Why constantly pay for specially printed Optical Answer sheets when you can Create and print your own for multiple choice tests, exams, quizzes, evaluations and assessments.

A Free OMR Software - 30day trial includes the answer sheet template editor, with the tools to easily add checkboxes and an ID barcode to your own custom, printable answer sheet template. Can be downloaded for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Image: Easily Create Multiple Choice or single choice checkbox, Printable Optical answer sheets for tests, assessments, exams, paper ballots, check lists, quality assurance forms, multiple choice question evaluation forms and lickert scale survey sheets.

Image: Free Sample Optical Answer Sheet 100 Question OMR Answer Sheet

  • Add a checkbox OMR ID grid to your Answer sheet template, to capture filled in ID numbers.


  • Add Template Replacement similar to Mail Merge to print respondent’s names on OMR answer sheets