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Scan Answer Sheets

Scan Answer Sheets

Answer Sheet Grading

Paper Answer Sheets used for multiple choice question testing and exams, are scanned to automatically grade with OMR answer sheet software..

OMR software quickly reads and grades answer sheets by capturing the checkbox values (ABCD) and score given for the correct answer. The captured data is stored int the software where it can be managed and exported to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Your answer sheets are printed with a lazer printer. Answer sheets printed with a lazer printer over a bubble jet printer, produce clear images which won’t smudge.

For Accurate OMR grading, the answer sheets are scanned at a dpi resolution that creates crisply scanned form images that can be detected and graded by the software.

Image: OMR Software works with any easy to find image scanner. An ADF Document Scanner with an automatic paper feeder is recommended if you have many answer sheets to scan.

Unlike traditional form reading machines, OMR Software works with ordinary image scanners. Preferrably Automatic Document Feed (ADF) Scanners are used because they have automatic paper feeding for fast answer sheet scanning. Reliable paper feeding reduces the incidence of double sheet feeding.


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Automatic Answer Sheet Scanning

Answer Sheet Scanning Software

The Process that grades scanned Answer Sheets on your computer is called Optical Mark Recogntion (OMR) Software.

OMR Software is used in education, as a cost effective alternative to OMR reader machines, for fast answer sheet grading of multiple choice exams, tests, surveys and assessments.

The Software accurately reads scanned images of answer sheets, detects which checkboxes have been filled and captures the mark value of each filled checkbox along with a set score if applicable.

OMR software only requires your regular pc or laptop computer, printer, paper and scanner.

Create and print your own answer sheet forms using the software’s inbuilt template editor. An Optical Answer Sheet template is designed and used for printing the answer sheets from. This will ensure that the answer sheets are recognized by the software and processed into captured checkbox value data. The answer sheets must be scanned using a reliable image scanner, to capture clear images of the answer sheets.

The scanned Answer Sheets are saved to your computer and uploaded into the OMR software which detects and captures filled checkbox bubbles. The software does this at a very fast rate of 30 or more answer sheet pages per minute. The speed of processing will depend on the amount of data on each page. Captured data is stored in the software where is can be managed and exported to a spreadsheet.

Answer Sheet Scan

Image: Part of a Scanned Answer Sheet opened in OMR Software preview, shows the accurately detected filled checkbox values and ID number.