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Scan Answer Sheets

Scan Answer Sheets

Answer Sheets used for multiple choice question exams, are scanned to automatically collect the results. The answer sheets are designed to be compatible with OMR answer sheet software. The designed answer sheets can be printed on plain paper and then scanned using a document image scanner and processed with OMR software on your pc or laptop computer.The paper OMR answer sheets are scanned using a document scanner that can produce clear quality images so the OMR software can detect which answer bubbles have been filled in. Dark, clear scans of barcodes and the answer bubbles means the OMR software can accurately recognize and detect the answer responses, then capture the checkbox values of the filled bubbles. This process is very fast and saves a lot of time with the scoring of multiple choice exam questions.A scanner that produces clear images and has an automatic paper feeder is of great significance if you will be scanning numerous OMR answer sheets to be read with OMR software. Paper handling, speed (pages per minute) and image quality are all scanner features that will reduce the time it takes to process the scanned answer sheets with OMR software.

Image: A Document Scanner with an automatic paper feeder is used for fast answer sheet scanning and produces clear answer sheet images that can be quickly and accurately processed with OMR software.

A Document Scanner that has a reliable paper feeding tray and produces good sharp images of the answer sheets, reduces the incidence of double sheet feeding which would mean manually sorting through the answer sheets to re-scan the answer sheets that have missed out on being marked by the OMR software.

Automatic Answer Sheet Scanning

Software that reads and captures the checkbox responses from scanned Answer Sheets is called Optical Mark Recogntion Software. OMR software is used in schools, universities, colleges and training organizations, to produce fast results from exams, tests and assessments, by automatically reading scanned answer sheets using the software on a pc or laptop computer. Using the software’s built in answer sheet template editor, a template must be carefully designed, which is used for printing the answer sheets from. This will ensure that the answer sheets can be recognized by the software and processed into captured checkbox value data. The answer sheets must be scanned using a reliable image scanner, to capture clear images of the answer sheets.

OMR Scanning Software Overview

The Scanned Answer Sheets are saved to your computer and uploaded into the OMR software. OMR software can detect which checkbox bubbles have been filled in on the answer sheets, and can do this at a very fast rate of around 30 answer sheet pages per minute. The detected filled answer sheet bubbles are captured and the captured information is stored in the software and transferred to a spreadsheet or external management software.

Answer Sheet Scan

A Scanned Image of an Answer Sheet showing the filled in checkbox answer bubbles detected by OMR software. OMR software quickly and accurately detects the dark checkbox marks on clearly scanned answer sheet images and converts the captured checkbox values to readable data in list form. OMR software can also capture the ID numbers of the respondents, which are marked into a grid on the page. The captured ID number from each page is used by the OMR software for linking the captured answer sheet data to the respondent it belongs to. Clearly scanned answer sheets as in the image above must be used, so as not to break the detection of the identifying barcodes and accurate capture of the marked checkboxes.

FormReturn OMR Software is used by Schools, Universities, Colleges and Training Organizations to Automate the collection of answer sheet data from multiple choice question answer sheet exams, tests, assessments, quizzes and surveys

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